Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Ōame
First Appearance: Free Arc 1; Comic 69
Species: Human
Alignment: Marines
Occupations: Captain
Affiliations: World Government
Epithet: " ??? " Ōame
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Creator: EclipseTC
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Ōame is a Marine Captain currently stationed on a yet-to-be-named island. He has Vice Admiral Nisshoku Doseikage as his guest right now.


Ōame is one of the few people who actually wear their white Marine jacket, covering most of his body. He has blue pants underneath and black shoes. His hat seems more like a fedora of sorts, as opposed to classic marine caps. He's an average sized Human.


Ōame seems like a serious person, but we haven't seen enough of him to be certain.


Nisshoku Doseikage

-coming soon-

Abilities and Powers

-coming soon-


He was seen on an island with a Marine Base, receiving news from one of his soldiers about Raven's Point's destruction. He then heads inside and informs Vice Admiral Nisshoku Doseikage.

Major Battles

-coming soon-


-coming soon-

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