Personality and Relationships

Agia's Border
Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Agia
First Appearance: Free Arc 2; Comic 24
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Pirates
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Position: Scientist
Affiliations: Thunderscar Pirates
Epithet: " Axel Leg " Agia
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Bounty: Beli Small6,000,000
Creator: SolarSpriter
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Fighting Style
Japanese Name: Kasoku Ashi
English Name: Axel Leg
Meaning: An all-leg fighting style based on momentum through acceleration.
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Agia is a pretty easy going character, she has a bit of feisty sarcasm and some humor with her actions, but all in all, she can get along with a lot of people rather easily. However, this isn't everything there is to Agia's personality. She's very scientifically driven. Especially during fights. When she sees something that happens to pique her interest. Her mood will suddenly change to a much more sadistic nature. Her fighting style becomes a lot more devastating and serious. Her crewmates have yet to see this side of her.




Nitro V Kaian

Nitro is the captain of her crew; the Thunderscars. Agia seems to have a bit of respect for Nitro, as he's her new captain and is more than happy to fight in his crew's name.

Dark Ranoki

Agia doesn't really interact with Dark in the slightest. But it's assumed they respect one another.

Max Hedgedroid

Max and Agia spend most their time together, working on the ship and enhancements for it. As their job roles interlock now and then. Outside of the ship they seem to care a little for each other, but nothing substantial.

Jenelle Neveah

Jen and Agia get along fine, as the only two females, they spend a lot of time on the ship together, as they can relate to one another more than the men of the ship do. However off the ship, they tend to always go their different ways.


Coza D. Hishroni

Coza Harboured Agia as his prisoner for a short while, however due to Coza's laziness and lack of responsibility. He wanted to hand her over to someone else. Coza's true motives behind this are still unknown, but it's believed Coza wanted to give the girl a second chance.


Aqueous Cyan

Aqueous and Agia clashed on Koryo Island in a pirate crew fight. Though the battle was close, Agia came out triumphant, however as she aimed to deal the final blow. Scar Intercepted it, taking the full of the attack and losing his life in order to save Aqueous.

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