Anise Divine
Anise's Picture
Japanese Name: アニスS.占う
Romanized Name: アニス 米神
English Name: Anise S. Divine
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 17
Species: Kitsune/Bat Hybrid
Alignment: Pirates
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Position: Pirate Captain
Affiliations: Hyacintho Carpe; Michi Canera
Epithet: " Survivor Child " Anise
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Bounty: Beli Small15,000,000
Creator: Princess_Eevee9
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Abilities and Powers

It has been revealed that Anise, obvious due to being a child, has no fighting experience whatsoever when going up against Lieutenant Leila. Although, unknowing of any battle techniques or have any experience in it, she had been able to use accurate agility and dexterity to avoid Leila's attacks against her while using Leila's own temper to defeat her. This shows that Anise can be very nimble on her feet and subconsciously knows how to use her opponent's weaknesses against her, two very dangerous feats within battle. Apart from this, Anise has other features that can be called skills and be used to help with a multitude of situations; even outside of combat.

Friendship Attraction

Anise has a tremendous feat to have anyone she meets become her friend, ally and sometimes even her crewmate. First mentioned by Shichibukai Michi Canera, she noticed that all of her new allies follow her lead without question, hesitation and doubt and comments that this could make her an interesting "playing card" in this New Generation of Pirates.