Japanese Name: 箱舟
English Name: Ark
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Five, Page 9
Species: Fox
Alignment: None
Occupation: Silverado's Underling
Affiliations: Silverado
Ephiet: Unknown
Bounty: Beli SmallN/A
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Steel Bat Style
Description: Fights with a steel bat
 Ark is an antagonistic character in Red Bow Chronicles who works under Silverado.


Ark is a dark red fox with a white muzzle, inner ears, chest fur an tail tip. She has three reddish-brown bangs on her forehead, blue eyes, and wears white gloves. She also wears green pants and blue sneakers, but strangely enough does not wear a shirt.


Though Ark has not been seen much, it can be safely said that she is a very serious type who reacts calmly to most situations.



Ark seems to see Grudge with some level of respect, and the two seem to be coworkers in some way, shape or form. Should he ask for advice, she will calmly give it to him, and she does not seem to get upset with him despite that he lost the people he was meant to be following - instead simply telling him to carry on what he was doing and see what happened. Whether she has a higher position than him in whatever group they're a part of has not been revealed.


Silverado is Ark's boss, though the relationship between the two has yet to be revealed. However, she seems to be loyal, as she is willing to tail the Red Bow Pirates while they explore Silver Peaks without questioning it.

Abilities and Powers

Ark uses a steel bat to fight. She seems to have a rather high level of physical strength, as she is capable of knocking people out with a single well-placed strike.



Ark was born on Silver Peaks. At some point in the past, during Silverado's rise to power, Ark was already part of his forces.

Silver Peaks

Ark's introduction to the storyline was when she called Grudge to check on how his tailing of Jasmine and Damaru was going. When he told her they'd managed to give him the slip and asked for advice, she told him to follow them from a distance to determine what they're doing, before revealing that she was currently following Két. Later, when Két stumbled across Silverado's headquarters, she approached her before knocking her out with a steel bat to the face. She and Grudge then confronted Jasmine and Damaru at Silverado's HQ, but when the two split up, they were forced to do the same to make sure that they didn't try anything.

Major Battles

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