Blixx Nova
Blixx's Picture
Japanese Name: Blixxノヴァ
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Blixx Nova
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 61
Species: Fox
Alignment: Marines
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Occupation: Lieutenant
Affiliations: Fritz's Punishment Branch(Former); ThunderScars(Former)
Epithet: " Stardust Blade " Blixx
Status: Dead
Creator: blixx
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Devil Fruit
Japanese name: N/A
English Name: Luco-Luco Fruit
Meaning: N/A
Type: Paramecia
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Blixx is from a small village hidden within the Grey Terminal, and often participated in the clinic. However, one day a group of pirates came to his village, looking for a certain treasure. The villagers refused to allow the pirates in- so the pirates retailliated, decimating much of the village. Blixx was hidden in a basement and given a treasure box by a certain hooded figure. Later, the Marines arrived, dispatching the pirates. Frits E. Kriegs , still in training, found Blixx among the rubble of the clinic. After checking the treasurebox in his posession- he discovered that Blixx was given the Luco-Luco Fruit Devil's Fruit, which was worth quite a large sum of money, both on the legal and black market. Blixx was taken aboard the Navy ship by Fritz, but when Blixx immediately consumed the fruit on board, Fritz was blamed, and to add to his responsibilities, he was orderd to watch over Blixx, who was being entered as a medic into the Marines- as punishment for consuming the fruit.


Blixx became a medic for the Marines, staying on base to treat wounded soilders who had been bought back for treatment, as he was too young to enter combat. However, after obtaining exceptional medical skills, Blixx began to train along side Fritz to master the abilities of his devil fruit. When Blixx was old enough to go into combat, he was already a Lieutenant and joined Fritz when he fully implimented the Punishment Branch. However, after paritipating in a few assignments, he deeply began to question the alterior motives of the Marines, and the World Government as a whole. 

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