Charles Tala
Japanese Name: チャールズ·タラ
Romanized Name: Chaarusu
English Name: Charles
First Appearance: Free Arc; Comic 244
Species: Cougar
Alignment: Neutral
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Occupation: Bounty Hunter; Explorer
Affiliations: None
Epithet: "Templar Sword" Tala
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Creator: M.Dailey
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Templar Ittoryu
Description: Using a single two-handed sword to fight.
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Abilites and Powers


Charles is highly experienced in the swordsman style of Templar Ittoryu. Templar Ittoryu consist of the swordsman weilding a heavy two-handed sword. The heavy blade, along with Charles' strength, are able to give out mass amount of damage when ever Charles' attacks land a solid hit.


Charles is able to use Kenbushoku Haki . In battle, Charles uses this whenever he is fighting an enemy who uses speed as a strong suit.

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