Damaru Nexuti
English Name: Damaru Nexuti
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Two, Page 12
Species: Dog
Alignment: Pirate
Occupation: Navigator, Sniper
Affiliations: Mez (former), Red Bow Pirates
Ephiet: N/A
Bounty: Beli SmallN/A
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Gunslinger
Description: Uses guns to fight
Damaru Nexuti is the Red Bow Pirates' navigator and marksman in Red Bow Chronicles. He is 20 years old, and he is from Veil Island.


Damaru is a gray dog with drooping ears that fall behind his head, and a lion-like tail. His tail fluff, as well as his short hair, ear tips, muzzle tips, and a diamond-shaped marking on his forehead are black, and he has a white muzzle and white  inner ear fluff. He has purple eyes and wears glasses, though they seem to rest below his eyes rather than in front of them, so whether or not he needs them to see is debatable. Damaru's usual outfit is a navy green poncho with a light green tee shirt underneath it, a small, pale brown scarf that he wears around his neck, brown pants that are rolled up to his knees, black boots, a brown hat with a black band around it, and golden cuffs around each wrist with two chain links on each of them.

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