Personality and Relationships

Damaru Nexuti
English Name: Damaru Nexuti
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Two, Page 12
Species: Dog
Alignment: Pirate
Occupation: Navigator, Sniper
Affiliations: Mez (former), Red Bow Pirates
Ephiet: N/A
Bounty: Beli SmallN/A
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Gunslinger
Description: Uses guns to fight


Damaru is generally a sour person who doesn't like to let people get close to him. However, he is highly loyal, and willing to do anything for the people he does care about. He is a logical sort, which leads him to become somewhat confused or even frustrated by the actions of those around him.

When Damaru has someone to protect or take care of, he will do it with his full force, as emphasized by his relationship with Aaron and Crissie. Damaru goes to extreme lengths to take care of children or those who cannot take care of themselves, even going against his own morals and beliefs if it's necessary. Because of his time under Mez, he has something of a "the strong survive" mentality.



Lilith is Damaru's mother, who he holds a deep respect for. He looked up to and idolized her, especially since she was the strongest person he knew. He was absolutely heartbroken when she died, and as a result became more distant from people, becoming more reluctant to form bonds with them.


Damaru was working under Mez because the former pirate threatened the kids he was taking care of, and because he felt he had no choice after Mez killed his mother. However, he is not fond of the idea, and often goes behind his back, especially in regards to taking care of Aaron and Crissie. He has recently declared his intention to cease working for him, and join up with Két.

Aaron and Crissie

A pair of children that Damaru takes care of. He cares about them deeply, going behind Mez's back to steal food for and take care of them, but tries not to spend too much time with them for fear of being caught. In return, the two see him as a sort of big-brother figure and cheer for him from the sidelines. He is highly protective of them, and his relationship with the two is Két's first hint that he's actually a good guy.


Damaru is not quite sure what to think of Két. Her robust personality confuses him, especially considering how determined she is to get him to join her crew. After bonding with her, he has decided to become her first crew member, indicating that he has begun to see her with respect.

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