Dark Ranoki
Dark's Picture
Japanese Name: 暗い Ranoki
Romanized Name: Kurai Ranoki
English Name: Dark Ranoki
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 15
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Pirates
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Occupation: First Mate
Affiliations: Thunderscar Pirates
Epithet: " Black Fist " Dark
Bounty: Beli Small11,000,000
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Creator: darkthehedgehog53
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Devil Fruit
Japanese name: バーナ-バーナフルーツ
English Name: Burna-Burna Fruit
Meaning: Fire
Type: Logia
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It has been said within the story of Hedgehog Piece, by Dark himself, that he was an orphaned baby, being the only survivor of a terrible ship crash near Shark's Peak in the West Blue. He had been raised in a village on that island, whom happened to be being terrorized by pirates called The Jam Pirates. Dark tried to stand up against them, but had been utterly weak compared to them. Afterwards, he had heard about a man named Elden, who lived in Shark's Peak, hearing about his unique Drag-Bo fighting style and sought him out to be under his training. After a year of training under Elden, he realized that the Drag-Bo fighting style's full potential could only be achieved by becoming a Devil's Fruit user, but challenged Captain Jam to another fight anyways. He lost once again and Jam planned to kill Dark until Elden stepped in to fight for Dark. Jam eventually defeated and killed Elden. As he was dying, Elden told Dark to keep a fruit nearby so that his Devil's Fruit, the Burna-Burna Fruit, could be passed on to him and he could use it for good. From then on, Dark trained with the Burna-Burna Fruit and became a pirate with the aspiration of avenging his master and showing that the Drag-Bo fighting style is the best fighting style there is.

Introduction Arc

==Raven's Point Arc==

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