Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: David
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 52
Species: Lion
Alignment: Pirates
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Occupation: Pet
Affiliations: A currently unnamed crew
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Creator: DrakeFlame13
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

David is a lion aligned with Drake, and by extenstion, Viu's currently unnamed crew.


A 300+ pound lion with brown fur and yellowish brown mane, big jaws and scowl of a mug that keeps most from getting to know him better


Loyal, dependable, overall friendly, This lovable oaf of a lion called David likes to meet nice people, but can smell when a person is cruel or dangerous and will defend himself if needed. He, like Drake, also loves root beer, and can read and understand english lanuage. He gets sad when people are scared of him because of his ugly mug.




His old master, Geogre, had raised David and taught him how to understand the english lanuage and many other things. They lived a good life untill they rescued Drake. After Geogre gave ownership of David to Drake, an explosion happened that destoryed Raven's Point. It is unknown if Geogre survived.



David's new owner, and best friend, after finding Drake unconsious in Raven's Point. They had a funny start to their friendship. After Geogre trained Drake, they grew closer as friends. When it was time for Drake to hit the road, David willingly came along. David has pulled Drake out of a few spots during their short time together but they're still great pals.


He and Max became friends as Drake was unconscious after his fight with Tauron. Max had protected the two from some Marines and has acted as a decoy for them to escape. He hasn't seen Max since.


David had thought Ryder was an enemy and pounced on him but after the confusion, they became crewmates. He wants to get to know him but Ryder seems to distant himself from him. Must be because David loves to pounce on him alot


He doesn't think of him much and only follows commands cause of Viu asking Drake. It seems like he doesnt want to follow Viu's orders directly cause Viu just took control of the ship DAVID had took from the Marines for Drake, he might if Viu just apologizes.


Scar creeps him out abit but he has a good scent, so he can be around him without freaking out


As long as he cooks his favorite food, he counts as a friend


A fellow Raven's Pointian, David became friends and trusted Sol fair quickly, he even let him ride on his back in search for Drake. he can follow Sol's commands as long as they have a friendly tone and thought.



David can't forgive him for destroying his home and maybe killing his old master, David wishes nothing more than to claw Fritz for what he done.

Abilities and Powers

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Coming soon

Major Battles

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Acts as Drake's bed since they share the same room on the ship

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