Draco Draco No Mi
Japanese Name: ドラコドラコフルーツ
English Name: Draco-Draco Fruit
Meaning: Dragon
First Appearance: First Free Arc; Comic 12
Class Zoan
User: Blitz Talon
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The Draco-Draco no Mi is a Zoan-type Devil's Fruit that allows it's user to become and have attributes that of the mythical creature known as the Dragon. It gives it's user wings, a long tail, hard, rough and protective scaled skin and pyrokinetic-abilities. The current user of this Devil's Fruit is Blitz Talon.


How the Draco-Draco no Mi looks in it's fruit form has yet to be revealed/shown within the story of Hedgehog Piece.

Strengths and Weaknesses


Since this Devil's Fruit comes with attributes from that of the mythical creature known as the Dragon, the user gains many attributes from it that can be used to their own advantage. Using their wings, the user can fly high above things to get to destinations, be a watch-out, or even avoid opponents and enemies. Though their is a very short flight span time for the user to use their wings before the grow tired. The user can also take minimal damage or even inflict damage to their opponent, however it may be, because of their rough and well protective skin that they attributed. Having a new, long tail can be in help as well. The most notable attribute gained by this Devil's Fruit is that the user gains pyrokinetic-abilities from a Dragon, known as Hellfire. Their fires are unusually more intense and burns hotter than normal fire, but the range of span that the user can use their abilities are much shorter than the average range span of normal pyrokinetic-abilities. The smaller the dragon, the shorter the range of the pyrokinetic-abilities can be used unless the small dragon can learn how to store energy enough to intensify their abilities.


Throughout the legends of Dragons, they were seen as ruthless and murderous as they've killed countless numbers of all races throughout Hedgehog Piece. They were seen as crazy and brutal, always ravaging and murdering others. With that, this Devil's Fruit makes the user go into the same state. The user becomes brutal and begins to lose control of themselves whenever they would use it's abilities. This has been explained by current user Blitz Talon: Here. With the user not really being under control of themselves, they can hurt others that they care about without meaning too and even cause enough trouble for them to have to flee from that area and never return. This Devil's Fruit is very dangerous, to the world of Hedgehog Piece and the user of it.

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