Drag-Bo Style
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Japanese Name: ドラッグ\ボースタイル
Romanized Name: Doraggu-Boo Sutairu
English Name: Drago-Bo Style
First Appearance: Free Arc 1; Comic 119
User(s): Dark Ranoki; Elden
Creator: Elden
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

The Drago-Bo Style is a fighting style utilized by Dark Ranoki and his master, Elden. It has been said the it requires the user to use a Devil Fruit. It's only been seen being used with the Burna-Burna Fruit, so how it works with other fruits hasn't been touched upon. The style hasn't been seen much through-out the extent of Hedgehog Piece, since only Dark uses it, but it seems to put emphasis on focusing all the user's attack power into a single blow, defeating them quickly.


Burning Talon: Is a move where Dark will jump into the air and spin his entire body with one leg extended out and set it on fire becoming a fire wheel an then will attack his enemy with a massive force, As seen in Hedgehog Piece it is able to break a fishman's skull and kill. Seen Here

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