Personality and Relationships

Drake Mealei
Drake's Picture
Japanese Name: ドレイクMealei
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Drake Mealei
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 41
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: Pirates
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Occupation: Swordsmen
Affiliations: Yet to be named crew
Epithet: " Burning Eye " Drake
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Bounty: Beli Small0
Creator: Drakeflame13
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Swords Style
Japanese Name: Tekiō
English Name: The Adapting
Meaning: To Adapt
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Just a calm, passive aggresive dude, who can get very smart mouthed sometimes, which can really get him into trouble. He also says what's on his mind, which makes him very honest with others. When not focused on anything he'll spaces out, annoying anyone, who would try and have a chat with him, but also makes him creative on the battlefield, inventing new moves. He is crazy for Root Beer, and if anyone interrupts him getting or drinking any, he'll be very pissed of, but overall he is kind hearted and is not the kind to take life unless he needs to.


David Leo

Drake's first encounter on his journey, and closest friend in the story; Drake sees David as more of a friend than a pet; Mostly seen riding on top of David when it comes to transportation. David is a very reliable partner to Drake, They appear to understand each other. David, along with his old owner Geogre, had saved him once.


David's previous owner, he taught Drake his Sword Style and taught him most of what he now knows.


Drake's encounter with him was... uhh a surprising one, but after surviving a sewer of huge spiders, Drake became friends with him and a girl named Patchy. Their meeting was cut short by an ambush of Hamaki's followers, with Drake being sent flying by Tauron. He dislikes Sven, calling him Sexy Swordsmen.


Drake's encounter with her was... uhh a surprising one, but after surviving a sewer of huge spiders, Drake became friends with her and a boy named Sven. Their meeting was cut short by an ambush of Hamaki's followers with Drake being sent flying by Tauron.


Drake's first rival in the Story, Drake was moping the floor with him in their first fight, but when he ambushed and weakened Drake, he was defeated. It is unknown if he survived Raven's Point's destruction.


He's unsure about Viu, they dont really talk much and he never really shared what his plans are.


It seems they can get along and with Sol, finds themselves the most sane in the group; but they seem to argue about David alot


He rescued Sol when they were in Raven's point, and sees him as a friend, despite the fact he chose him over his friend Geogre, with Ryder, they find themselves the most sane in the group, they talk alot.


He reminds him of Sven but never seems to bring himself to ask.... maybe because he finds him abit weird...


he sometimes will let Aqueous practice and spar with him, but they don't really talk till dinnertime, mostly when asking about the food he makes.

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