Grace Alstein
Japanese Name: ???
Romanized Name: ???
English Name: Grace Alstein
First Appearance: Free Arc 1; Comic 16
Species: Fox
Alignment: Marines
Occupations: Lieutentant
Affiliations: Marines
Epithet: " ??? " Grace
Creator: Eternalstorm
Status: Dead
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Fighting Style
Name of Weapon: Pole
Description: Using a pole to attack and block incoming enemies.
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 Grace Alstein is a Marine Lieutenant who worked under Captain  in the Pursuit Branch.


Grace is a black fox with brown hair, red eyes, and a rather long black tail. It seems like she has a white scarf tied around her chest with a blue shirt underneath, and white pants. Her shoes are blue with yellow soles.


Her personality wasn't shown all that much during her short appearence, but she did seem to be overly cautious, warning Jonas about a Shichibukai going rogue when there was no indication of such a thing happening. She also showed fierce loyalty to Jonas, as shown where she protected him from said Shichibukai, costing her her life.


Pursuit Branch

Jonas Harken

The two appeared to be close, as she was seen worrying about Jonas, while giving him a rather ridiculous situation as well. She also quickly came to his aid in his fight with Meteor Luzi, even though she was already badly injured, though it ultimately lead to his demise.

Abilities and Powers

Not much is known about her strength or fighting style, but it's implied that she's pretty strong since she's a Lieutenant and Jonas even noticed that she was easily accomplishing the tasks he had given her.


She first appeared on Guardna Island, with Jonas, as they defeated the last of the Hammer Pirates. She stayed behind while he headed to a city in Guardna that they lost contact with. She heads there afterwards and his terribly beaten by Jonas Jeager. She didn't appear again until Meteor's fight with Jonas, where she jumped in to save the latter, and was quickly pierced with lava and killed.

Major Battles

Jonas Harken and Grace Alstein Vs. Meteor Luzi


  • She is the first character in Hedgehog Piece to be effectively "Ace'd," by our resident "Akainu equivalent" Meteor Luzi no less.

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