Japanese Name: 恨み
English Name: Grudge
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Five, Page 7
Species: Echidna
Alignment: None
Occupation: Silverado's Underling
Affiliations: Silverado
Ephiet: Unknown
Bounty: Beli SmallN/A
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Unknown
Description: Unknown
 Grudge is an antagonistic character in Red Bow Chronicles who works under Silverado.


Grudge is a purple echidna with pinkish-purple dreadlocks and three bangs on his forehead. He has green eyes and a peach skin muzzle, and wears white gloves over his spiked hands. Grudge wears a dark red tee-shirt and blue jeans, as well as green shoes.


Though Grudge has not been seen much, it can be safely said that, while he is usually a calm type, he gets irritated when things don't necessarily go his way. However, he is quick to calm down and collect his thoughts to determine what his next steps should be.



Grudge seems to see Ark with some level of respect, and the two seem to be coworkers in some way, shape or form. He seems to respect her as a good source of advice and will turn to her if something has gone awry or if he's not sure what to do next. Whether or not he is some form of underling to her has yet to be revealed.


Silverado is Grudge's boss, though the relationship between the two has yet to be revealed. He seems loyal, however, reporting along with Ark about the whereabouts of the Red Bow Pirates as they explore the island.

Abilities and Powers

Currently Unknown



Grudge was born on Silver Peaks. At some point in the past, during Silverado's rise to power, Grudge was already part of his forces.

Silver Peaks

Grudge was introduced into the story when it was revealed that he was tailing Jasmine and Damaru to determine why they were on the island and what their next course of action would be. When they gave him the slip, he recieved a call from Ark, who told him to keep following them and see what they were up to. He then asked how her pursuit of Két was going, to which she noted that Két was getting too close to something for comfort. Later, he and Ark confronted Jasmine and Damaru at Silverado's HQ, but when the two split up, they were forced to do the same to make sure that they didn't try anything.

Major Battles

  • None Yet


  • None Yet

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