Japanese Name: 殺し屋
Romanized Name: Koroshi-ya
English Name: Gunslinger
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles; Chapter Three, Page 4
Focus: Guns
User(s): Multiple Users; Listed Below
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

A Gunslinger (殺し屋 Koroshi-ya, literally meaning "Gunslinger") is a person who uses guns to fight. Many of the Marksmen in the Hedgehog Piece universe use this style to fight, however, due to the large amount of gun types each style is different.

Styles of Gunslinging

There are several different styles of gunslinging based on the kind of weapon that the gunslinger uses.

Single Pistol Gunslinging

This style of gunslinging is used most often with a simple flintlock pistol, in which the user has one hand free to perform other tasks while using the other hand to hold and fire their weapon.

Used By:

Rifle Gunslinging

This style of gunslinging is far less common, as a rifle is generally better suited to long-distance combat than the close-range combat that is most common on the seas. However, a talented rifle gunslinger can also use the rifle as a blunt club if it is needed, and prove to be a large threat even in close combat if skilled enough.

Used By:


Due to the nature of Gunslinging, it is a very common fighting style, as many people can simply pick up a gun and fire it at people. It is unknown who initially came up with the style, though it is likely the person who invented guns in the first place. It should also be noted that while it is a relatively easy style to start using, it requires skill and patience to develop talent in it, especially since guns can be hindered by changes in weather, unlike other weapons such as swords.

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