Hyacintho Carpe
Hyacintho Carpe Pic
Japanese Name: ブルーディスティニーパイレーツ
Latin/Used Name: Hyacintho Carpe
English Name Blue Destiny
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 17
Captain: Anise S. Divine
Main Ship: Currently unknown.
Total Bounty: Beli Small50,000,000

The Hyacintho Carpe crew (ブルーディスティニーパイレーツ Burūdisutinīpairētsu) are a pirate crew that started in the East Blue and consist only of rookie pirates. They are one of the main focuses and protagonists of the series known as Hedgehog Piece and are led by Anise S. Divine. Despite her age and immaturity, Anise is the technical captain of her crew. Hyacintho Carpe's crew name had been potentially suggested in the First Free Arc; Comic 25. Frezisius A. Aerion suggested the name after saying that it had been an old Latin phrase by the meaning of " To seize the Blue ". He then went on to say " Hyacintho carpe libatis ", also an old Latin phrase, by the meaning of " To seize the destiny of the Blue ". In other words, "Blue Destiny". It pertains to their captain, Anise, when Freeze explained that her fur had been blue and despite her age she leads the group, in which would only be a task at the hands of destiny. They have all yet to agree on the name of the crew or have been referred to it, but they all seem to go with it. They do not have an official ship, as they are currently traveling on a Marine cargo ship. Hyacintho Carpe, technically, currently consist of 6 members whose combined bounties equal Beli50,000,000. Although they are following Anise, none of the group (Freeze, Toadi and Celesti) are actual members of her crew, besides Frost and Blitz whom have referred to Anise as "Captain". Each and every member are of young age, ranging from early tens (thanks to Anise) to late twenties.

Jolly Roger

Although they are a technical pirate crew, they have yet to even create/own a Jolly Roger. It is said that they fly a jolly roger above the Marine cargo ship, but it is a blank black flag.

Crew Members

The Hyacintho Carpe crew is one of the oddest group of pirates within the series of Hedgehog Piece. What makes them different is the fact that the members and hitchhikers allow a child, Anise S. Divine, to lead them as a group. Although she does not make all the decisions for the group, they allow her to keep the title as captain of the crew and say that she leads them. They are the most varied crew when it comes down to Devil's Fruit, as the current members and hitchhikers are all Devil's Fruit users besides Anise and Celesti and species, as the crew is known to be the only one who have complete different species of Mobians besides two hedgehogs (being a Kitsune-Bat Hybrid, a Wolf, a Toad, a Komodo Dragon and two Hedgehogs). Every other known crew, besides the Masquerade Pirates and Tyder's are known to have more than two hedgehog Mobians within their crew.

Hyacintho Carpe, technically, have four Devil's Fruit users: Frost, Toadi, Blitz and Freeze. Frost has shown to be able to generate, manipulate his own and become ice itself and his Devil's Fruit is named Navoc-Navoc. Toadi has shown that he can manipulate the earth around him, but it is presumed that he can create and become the earth itself as well and his Devil's Fruit is named Stone-Stone. Blitz has shown that he is able to go into a feral-dragon state and permanently sprouting dragon wings, take on dragon-like features and use the abilities of dragons and his Devil's Fruit is named Draco-Draco. Freeze's Devil's Fruit ability has yet to be explained, although it had been shown. It seemed as though he gave ofd pyrotechnic bursts of some sort and his Devil's Fruit name is Oxy-Oxy. Oddly enough, all of their Devil Fruit's prime names are all in different languages. Stone-Stone's name being English, Draco-Draco's name being Latin, Oxy-Oxy's prime language being Greek and Navoc-Navoc's prime language is unknown. The crew is also the more, probably the most, diverse when it comes down to Devil's Fruit, as they have two types of them, Logia and Zoan. Freeze's Devil's Fruit classification is unknown as of now. On top of having the only Zoan-type Devil's Fruit user within a pirate crew so far seen within the series of Hedgehog Piece, that same Zoan-type is a rare Mythical Zoan-type.

Hyacintho Carpe
Anise's Portrait Frost's Portrait Toadi's Portrait
Anise S. Divine Frost Shinekuya Toadi Firma
Blitz's Portrait Freeze's Portrait
Blitz Talon Freeze A. Aerion
Michi's Portrait
Shichibukai Michi

Crew Strength

Despite only having a small number of technical members, even though everyone besides Anise and Celesti has a Devil's Fruit, Hyacintho Carpe are a rather powerful crew. From what has been seen from the crew, their abilities are rather remarkable. Frost has been seen freezing an entire ship and escaping the hands of a Marine Vice Admiral. Toadi has been seen creating a huge rock bridge with his Devil's Fruit abilities. Blitz has yet been seen using his Devil's Fruit, although shown in a comic how his form when using his Draco-Draco Fruit looks. Freeze has been shown taking out multiple soldiers with his abilities, although it is unknown if that is his abilities full capabilities. Celesti and Anise have yet been seen doing any form of combat, not knowing if either of them know how to fight or have Devil's Fruit.

The crew has not yet been seen interacting with each other about their abilities, besides Frost and Blitz, when Blitz told Frost about how he could not control his feral-beast's state and he needed someone to help him do so.

Professions and Capabilities

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Anise S. Divine

  • Unknown
  • "Survivor Child" (サバイバー·チャイルド?)

Frost Shinekuya

  • "Frost Angel" (フロストエンジェル?)

Toadi Firma

  • ???
  • "Son of the Earth" (地球の子?)

Blitz Talon

  • "Crimson Dragon" (クリムゾンドラゴン?)

Freeze A. Aerion

  • "Public's Enemy" (公共の敵?)

Celesti Destani

  • Unknown
  • None


Main article: Bounties#Hyacintho_Carpe_Pirates_bounties

Though they are pirates in name, Hyacintho Carpe, at least most of them, do not engage in the stereotypical activities of pirates. They do not try to engage in combat with others unless it is self-defense. It seems they were considered dangerous to the World Government and given bounties simply because they called themselves pirates.

They are considered villains by the World Government and the general public who aren't familiar with them. Their current bounties total up to Beli50,000,000; these bounties do not accurately reflect their current powers, notably due to the lack of them actually doing anything, regarding their power.


Anise's Bounty
Survivor Child Anise

As the captain of the crew, ironically only being a child, Anise has been noticed as the most potentially dangerous within her crew. Before they technically formed the crew, the Marines already had Anise captive, for an unknown reason. It must have something to do with her potential as a pirate. Due to her being a relatively new pirate in this age of piracy, the World Government does not pay much attention to her and her crew.

  • First bounty: Beli15,000,000 for forming a crew of potentially dangerous pirates and escaping Marine imprisonment with the help of her First Mate. There are other unknown reasons behind this bounty.
Frost's Bounty
Frost Angel Frost

He is deemed a potential threat to the World Government ever since his first offence against the World Government had been reported and recorded.

  • First bounty: Beli11,000,000 for attacking Captain Fritz and his Punishment Branch ship for no apparent reason and breaking his captain out of Marine imprisonment.
Toadi's Bounty
Son of the Earth Toadi

He has been deemed a potential threat to the World Government ever since he was young, mainly because of his Mother. Ever since then, he has maintained a bounty.

  • First bounty:Beli8,000,000 for being a potential threat to the World Government, because of his mother.
  • Second bounty:Beli9,000,000 for being associated with potentially dangerous pirates to the World Government.
Blitz's Bounty
Crimson Dragon Blitz
  • First bounty:Beli2,000,000 for being associated with potentially dangerous pirates to the World Government.
Freeze's Bounty
Public's Enemy Freeze

Rather unknown and mysterious why the World Government gave him such a high bounty for not even doing anything. Even they are unsure why they issued a bounty on his head, but it was deemed that he had been extremely dangerous and needed to have a bounty on his head issued immediately.

  • First bounty:Beli13,000,000 for stealing a mysterious necklace from an unnamed women who had an item that the World Government had to appoint bodyguards to escort her out of Raven's Point to examine it. There are other unknown reasons behind this bounty.

Relationships Amongst Crew

The crew have yet to show signs of any relationship between each other, other than being associated and interacting with one another as a group. Although, people like Toadi deem everyone friends on the ship, others like Frost do not interact often with the crew and have barely shown any interest/friendship towards anyone on the crew.


Whether or not anyone within the crew has dreams have yet to be revealed/shown, but it has been shown that some of them do have goals they want to achieve. Those goals would be considered dreams in most others' eyes.

Members' Dreams

  • Anise S. Divine has yet to show/reveal what her dream is.
  • Frost Shinekuya's dream, or at least his goal, is to find out who or what caused the massacre that killed many on his home island of Raven's Point. This goal was set in stone when Frost's mother was presumably murdered in the Raven's Point massacre, so he set off into the world of Hedgehog Piece to find answers behind it.
  • Toadi Firma's dream, or at least his goal, is to find out if the rumors behind his mother being alive is true. This goal was brought up when Toadi heard rumors and other people themselves say that his mother had been alive and well, so he set out to find out if the rumors were true themselves.
  • Blitz Talon has yet to show/reveal what his dream is.
  • Freeze A. Aerion has yet to show/reveal what his dream is.

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