Hyacintho Carpe/Allies
Hyacintho Carpe Pic
Japanese Name: ブルーディスティニーパイレーツ
Latin/Used Name: Hyacintho Carpe
English Name Blue Destiny
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 17
Captain: Anise S. Divine
Main Ship: Currently unknown.
Total Bounty: Beli Small50,000,000


Despite only having recently been formed as a pirate crew, the Hyancintho Carpe Pirates have managed to make a few allies in the places they've been.


While on Raven's Point, Anise and Blitz ran into Michi, who happened to be in the area for her own reasons. Michi took an interest in the crew and decided to temporarily travel with them in order to get back to the Grand Line. Michi would later determine the reason behind her interest in the crew - Anise's ability to attract allies who would follow her without question was unusual, and something that she found interesting and a likely important role in the new era of Pirates.

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