Hyacintho Carpe/Recruitment
Hyacintho Carpe Pic
Japanese Name: ブルーディスティニーパイレーツ
Latin/Used Name: Hyacintho Carpe
English Name Blue Destiny
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 17
Captain: Anise S. Divine
Main Ship: Currently unknown.
Total Bounty: Beli Small50,000,000



Anise, or any member for that matter, has yet to formally ask anyone to join their crew. Instead, it appears that people run into her and she allows them to stay with them, eventually integrating themselves into the crew. 

How They've Joined

Frost: Frost rescued Anise from Marine captivity, and they formed a small Pirate Crew afterwards, using the Cargo Ship as their temporary boat. Sometime while they were sailing, Frost decided to let Anise lead them.

Toadi: Toadi encountered the Hyacintho Carpe Pirates(at the time, unnamed) when he was building a rock bridge to get away from an island. After flirting with Anise, without realizing her age, he was allowed to stay with the group.

Blitz: While traveling on his jet ski, he crashed into the Hyacintho Carpe's ship. After getting settled down, and making sure the ship was fine, he, too, was allowed to stay.

Freeze: He was met on Raven's Point, as it's volcano was erupting. Seeing he needed a place to go to get away, the crew allowed him to come with them onto their ship. 

Celesti: She was met on Meldrome Island by Michi, who asked her to watch over the ship she'd secured for the crew. Celesti decided to travel with them to avoid being seen as an accomplice.

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