Japanese Name: 不眠症の
English Name: Insomniac
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Six, Page 2
Species: Crow
Alignment: Marines
Affiliations: Unknown
Ephiet: Unknown
Rank: Spy
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Unknown
Description: Unknown
 Insomniac is an undercover marine in Red Bow Chronicles who was captured by Silverado and is being held captive on Silver Peaks.


Insomniac is a black crow with red eyes who wears a dark blue sleeveless shirt and dark brown pants. He wears a dark red scarf around his neck that seems to be almost his own size. Other than this, he doesn't wear any clothing, nor does he have anything to associate himself with being a Marine, though this may be due to the fact that he is meant to be undercover.


Insomniac is rude and jaded, though it seems some event in his past has caused this to happen. He is also rather sceptical, and not prone to believing in those who he's just met. When someone gains his respect, he is hesitatnt to show it, instead brushing around it through insults and indirect compliments, much like a tsundere might.


Insomniac doesn't seem to have many relationships with others, or they haven't been developed. As far as his relationship with Két goes, he seems to have a begrudging respect for her, but doesn't want to have too much faith in her.

Abilities and Powers

Currently Unknown



At some point in the past, Insomniac was captured by Silverado and put into the Birdcage.

Silver Peaks

When Két woke up in the Birdcage, she was greeted by Insomniac, who filled her in on her current situation and explained where she was. He seemed skeptical about her promise to beat up Silverado and free the prisoners, but this disbelief was dispelled when she used her Devil's Fruit to escape the Birdcage and retrieve the keys. He then parts ways with Két to free the prisoners while she leaves to take care of Silverado, and makes note to tell her about his "pet".

Major Battles

  • None Yet


  • None Yet

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