Japanese Name: 四刀流
Romanized Name: Yontoryu'
English Name: Four Sword Style
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 37
Focus: Sword
User(s): Zinzuki Kerulaii
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Yontoryu (四刀流 Yontoryu(literally meaning "Four Sword Style") is literally using a four sword fighting style. It's a rarer form of swordsmanship, and the only known user thus far is Zinzuki, and may be the only user in the Hedgheog Piece universe. Four sword style comes with it's own variations of techniques and stances, which can only be performed with the use of four swords. Yontoryu is more than likely a developed form of swordsmanship spanned from Ittoryu. It's unpopularity likely comes from the difficulty of wielding any more than two swords, four is incredibly difficult without the use of an extra limb or two such as a tail.

Styles Based on Yontoryu

Regular Yontoryu

Used by:

Zinzuki Kerulaii


Yontoryu was most likely developed by experimentation of using multiple swords at once, spanned from Ittoryu. Zinzuki is the only known user in the Hedgehog Piece universe.


Zinzuki throwing his "Saikuron"

Yontoryu Attacks

Saikuron (Literally meaning "Cyclone") Zinzuki's signature attack, and what granted him his epithet "Crossblade". Zinzuki links his four swords into a cross formation, launching them at the enemy and striking through them in a windmill like fashion. As the attack acts like a boomerang, it comes back to Zinzuki, separated into four swords once more. Zinzuki's only time of using this it had caught up Volt's "Shock Cluster" and struck him with extra lightning damage.

Yunity Arashi (Literally meaning "Unity Storm") Zinzuki performs the attack by running with his four swords out as fast as he can, turning the momentum and spinning, slashing furiously in several directions before coming to a halt. This was first seen used to take out a multitude of Fritz' marines. It is believed to be a stronger version of Zinzuki's One Sword Style Exile Breaker

Tora Sume (Literally meaning "Tiger's Claw") Zinzuki gets into a fighting position, setting a path in his mind, closing his eyes and focusing all of his strength into two cross slashes at the same time into the path in front of him, the range is relatively short, but has pretty devisitating cutting power. Able to leave a double cross mark on his victims. Another possible nod to his epithet. This was first seen used against an Aquark Pirate's crewmate.

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