Personality and Relationships

Jonas Harken
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Jonas Harken
First Appearance: Free Arc; Comic 17
Species: Fox
Alignment: Marines
Occupations: Captain
Affiliations: Pursuit Branch
Epithet: " Sleeping Lion " Jonas
Creator: Eternalstorm
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Misu-Tenryu Style
Description: ???
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He's usually calm and collected, sometimes deep in thought. He sees no wrong in using his full strength against people he deems weak, who have done something particulary wrong against him.


His brother

His, as of now, unnamed brother appeared to have been very close to him before he passed away. So close, in fact, he refuses to eat his Devil Fruit out of respect. He's also been seen demolishing the pirate crew that took his brother's crew's name.

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