Két D. Ara
Ket infobox
Japanese Name: ケット D. アラ
English Name: Két D. Ara
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles; Chapter One, Page 5
Species: Cat
Alignment: Pirate
Occupation: Captain
Affiliations: Red Bow Pirates
Ephithet: "Red Bow" Két
Bounty: Beli Small50,000,000
Creator: Shard
Devil's Fruit
Japanese Name: Shun Shun no Mi
English Name: Tele-Tele Fruit
Meaning: Moment, Second or Instant
Type: Paramecia

Abilities and Powers

Reflexes & Speed

Két has a fast reaction time, since her Devil Fruit requires her to consciously react in order to use it to its full capabilities. Because of this, she is constantly aware of her surroundings, even if it doesn't initially seem that way. She also has accute reflexes and can easily dodge attacks, even without the aid of her Devil Fruit. She is also pretty fast, able to launch attacks quickly and effectively.


Két has a strong intuition and instinct, and is able to pick up on opponents' motivations and strategies by observing for long enough. She uses this in combat by predicting where and when her opponents will strike, and avoiding their attacks while launching her own. Her intuition also helps her outside of battle, as she has been shown using it to determine the motivations of the people around her.

Devil Fruit

Further Information: Tele Tele No Mi

Két ate a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called the Tele Tele No Mi at an unknown age. She can teleport around at will, though only to places she can either see or is familiar with, provided they're not too far away. She cannot, for instance, teleport between islands, even if she's been on an island for a long time, but she would be able to teleport from one point on an island to another if she knows it well enough.

Két's favorite way to use her Devil Fruit is to teleport out of the way of an opponent's attack, usually behind the enemy, then launch an attack at them from there. So far, she has not demonstrated many named techniques, possibly due to the nature of the fruit's abilities.

She can also teleport objects to and from herself, meaning she can steal an opponent's weapon from them or retrieve objects from hard to reach places.

Két's techniques do not appear to have a particular naming theme, aside from simply being "Tele-Tele No", followed by a basic description of what the attack is (IE; Sky Shot).

Skill & Strength

Két is actually not much physically stronger than the average person. However, by using her own skill in coordination with her Devil Fruit, she can give off the illusion that she is. Két has a surprisingly vast knowledge of momentum, allowing her to teleport herself to the best position to accelerate her movement in order to land a powerful attack on an opponent.