Personality and Relationships

Kazu Justice
Kazu's Picture
Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Kazu Justice
First Appearance: Free Arc; Comic 3
Species: Hedgehog
Alignment: None
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Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Affiliations: Meteor Luzi; formerly
Epithet: " White Face " Kazu
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Creator: Snurple-The-Hedgehog
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Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Zarah-Zarah Fruit
English Name: Psycho-Psycho Fruit
Meaning: Psychokinesis
Type: Paramecia
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Kazu Justice is a calm and collected bounty hunter, he doesn't like getting involved with intense situations. Usually cooperates with people which has authority if absolute necessary. He also has a tendency to remain quiet and become more isolated if he finds himself in public areas or thick crowd. He also becomes cocky if he succeed in capturing his targets to earn a profit from handing in the bounties.

He likes to stand on the sidelines and plan ahead of himself. He has a habit of making contingency plans in case if things gets out of control.



He has not revealed that he has a crew member, assumes that he is flying solo.


As a role of being a bounty hunter, he tends to find himself interacting with marines in order to retrieve his share of bounties.


Meteor Luzi

Kazu had been last spotted traveling with Meteor Luzi while on the ship made out of pumice. It is proven that he had been traveling with Meteor Luzi for some time now.

Spikular Noten

Kazu had interacted with Spikular Noten when he succeed in capturing Zone Tuseli after the battle between Jonas and Meteor. They had spoke to each other for a short while before Kazu takes departure with Meteor after the battle.


He has yet to make enemies.

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