Kuki Kuki no Mi
Japanese Name: 風風フルーツ
English Name: Kuki-Kuki Fruit
Meaning: Air
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 25
Class Logia
User: Max Hedgedroid
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The Kuki-Kuki no Mi is a Logia-type Devil's Fruit, that gives it's user the ability to become and manipulate wind/air in any way the user sees fit. It's current user is Max Hedgedroid.


How the Kuki-Kuki no Mi appears, in it's fruit form, has yet been revealed/shown within the story of Hedgehog Piece.

Strengths and Weaknesses


This Devil's Fruit enables it's users to become and manipulate wind and air. The user can become completely intangible if their reflexes with the Devil's Fruit have been trained and mastered, having them become wind when being hit by anything that isn't Busoshoku Haki. It fairs well against other elemental Devil's Fruits such as Fire and Ice, usually making the fire go out and harshly blowing the ice down to small chunks. Not only this, it's abilities are rather excellent in both short and long range to attack it's foes. The Kuki-Kuki Fruit is also one of the fruits that allow the user to "fly," should they turn the lower part of their body into the element.


The Kuki-Kuki Fruit is strange in the fact that it's strengths are also his weaknesses, in a few ways. Due to the Kuki-Kuki fruit's abilities being wind based, it is highly affected by temperature change, making a transformed user's air body either expand exponentially and unable to control their body normally when exposed to a large heat source, e.g. fire from the Burna-Burna Fruit. As well as this, the user’s attacks can often swallowed up by a large fire, thus making this fruits abilities ineffective against fire wielding enemies. As with heat, the user is also susceptible to severe cold, as the user's attacks/body becomes more dense, thus making them slower limiting their speed and range and with a large enough drop in temperature, the user is unable to transform their bodies. This makes the user more vulnerable while against a user of the Navoc-Navoc Fruit.

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