Kuki Kuki no Mi
Japanese Name: 風風フルーツ
English Name: Kuki-Kuki Fruit
Meaning: Air
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 25
Class Logia
User: Max Hedgedroid
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  • Air Vent: The user creates a twister that sucks the enemy far into the air and drops them on the ground, hurting them heavily. Seen here.
  • Air Whirlwind: The user creates a gust of wind, formulating it into a whirlwind that moves people and objects that it can handle closer to the user or farther away from them. The user is not in full control of the whirlwind's path and direction unless they have mastered this move. Seen here.
  • Gust Escape: The user surrounds or turns themselves into a gust of wind to escape the clutches of enemies that are surrounding them. Seen here.
  • Tempest Blade- Gust of Gile: The user creates a sword made out of thin air and cuts into their opponent, leaving a slash where they were hit. Seen here.

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