Lilith Nexuti
Japanese Name: N/A
English Name: Lilith Nexuti
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Three, Page 7
Species: Dog
Alignment: Marines (retired)
Occupation: Marine (retired)
Affiliations: Marines (former)
Ephiet: None
Rank: Commander (former)
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Gunslinger
Description: Uses guns to fight
 Lilith Nexuti is a former Marine, and also Damaru's mother. She was 45 years old when she died, and she is from Veil Island.


Lilith is a purple dog with curly, pink hair and purple eyes. She has a white muzzle and white inner ears, and wears a white lab coat which is buttoned over her rather well endowed chest, and she wears black shorts and black boots.


Lilith is a friendly sort who cares deeply about her family, friends, and the people around her. She is, however, fiercely protective of others, which is perhaps why she became a Marine. She is determined, yet calm when dealing with her opponents, and tends to put others before herself.



Lilith is Damaru's mother, and she cares deeply for her son. She is very protective of him, and even gave her life in order to keep him safe from Mez. She also taught him the basics of marksmanship and how to fight.


The relationship between Lilith and her husband, Tao, has not yet been revealed, however she seems to hold him in high regard and is deeply remorseful about his imprisonment in Impel Down. This indicates that he was likely a former pirate, meaning the two had something of a forbidden romance going on.

Abilities and Powers

Lilith, like her son, is a marksman. Unlike her son, however, she specializes in rifles and other such weapons, making it difficult for her to effectively fight in close range. She makes up for this with her speed and evasive skill, carefully avoiding attacks while launching her own.


Some time ago, Lilith was a Marine who climbed the ranks and became a Commander. However, some event caused her to retire and move back to her hometown of Veil Island to raise her son. She also seems to blame herself for her husband's imprisonment in Impel Down, though whether this is just a personal thing or because it actually is her fault has not been revealed.

Three years before the events in Red Bow Chronicles, she gave Damaru a hat that had once belonged to his father, before being informed that Mez was trying to take over the island. She decided that she wasn't going to allow such a thing and challenged him, fighting him on relatively even ground before gaining the upper hand. However, Mez employed a dirty trick and aimed for her son, and she jumped in the way of his attack, effectively sacrificing herself for her son's sake. She used the last of her breath to inform Damaru about his father's whereabouts, before passing on.

Major Battles

  •  Lilith VS Mez


  • Lilith is the first named character to die in Red Bow Chronicles.

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