Luco Luco no Mi
Japanese Name: 無周辺光光
English Name: Luco-Luco Fruit
Meaning: No ambient light
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 60
Class Paramecia
User: Blixx Nova
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The Luco-Luco no Mi (無周辺光光) (pronunced, Luke-oh Luke-oh) is a Paramecia-type Devil's Fruit that gives its user the ability to asborb and store sunlight at a greatly accelerated rate, to be projected as illusions, solidified light, blasts, beams, aura, or constructs- or to moderately enhance physical abilties such as strength, speed, agility, and defense. It's current user is Blixx Nova

The Luco-Luco no Mi has not appeared in the series in it's physical fruit form as of yet.

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