Luistara, as seen from a distance.

is an island in West Blue that is surrounded by a beach, while inland it has a few small towns with japanese-style buildings. It is the first island that the Red Bow Pirates visited.


Luistara seems to have had trouble with pirates in the past, as Vestige Town's mayor responded to Jasmine warning them about pirates very calmly. However, it has also been stated to be a peaceful place, indicating that there hadn't been many attacks recently. Judging by the mayor's age, it is likely that in the past pirates would raid Vestige Town and the other towns on the island some time ago, but activity had died down until recently.

Known Areas

The only known town on Luistara is Vestige Town.

Known Citizens


  • Despite Seraph aiming to target Vestige Town, he doesn't get any further than the beaches due to Két's interference.

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