The Holy Land Mariejois (聖地マリージョア Seichi Marījoa?) is the capital of the World Government and functions as the primary path which individuals seeking to enter the other, far more tumultuous and dangerous side of the Grand Line, the New World, pass through. This route is open only to persons within the jurisdiction of the law or in other words, The Marines and World Government agents. This elegant capital furthermore serves as the headquarters of the World Government, the main governing body of the World of Hedgehog Piece. Mariejois' significance and unrivaled importance is also illustrated by the fact that the Council of Kings meets here on a regular basis in order to discuss current international events and propose and implement solutions.


It is unknown how the Holy Land of Mariejois looks as it has never been introduced or even referenced to in Hedgehog Piece.


Not much is known about the Holy Land of Mariejois, not even when it had been built and why is still a mystery within the story of Hedgehog Piece.


Mariejois is located on top of the Red Line. It is also said to be the only other known entrance into the Grand Line, besides Reverse Mountain. In addition, it is one of the only known entrances to the New World, the other being Fishman Island.

How this entrance works is still unknown.

  • World Government HQ: This is where the Fleet Admiral has many meetings with the Shichibukai and where the Gorosei meet.

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