Nai Talon
Nai's Picture
Japanese Name: ナイタロン
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Nai Talon
First Appearance: Raven's Point Arc; Comic 79
Species: Komodo Dragon
Alignment: Unknown
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Occupation: Unknown
Affiliations: Unknown
Epithet: " Lizard Queen " Nai
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Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: Blitz3124
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Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Hachu-Hachu Fruit
English Name: Reptile Reptile Fruit
Meaning: Control over Reptiles
Type: Paramecia
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Nai Talon (ナイタロン N/A?) is an ominous komodo dragon, going out of her way to find her brother Blitz Talon. She is the Captain of her crew, which has yet to be revealed to have a name and wields the Hachu-Hachu Fruit, a Paramecia-type Devil's Fruit that allows her to have control over reptiles. Throughout Blitz's many memories of her, she's seen being sinister and manipulative, even going as far as having Blitz kill others. Why and for what, has yet to be revealed.


Nai is an anthropomorphic komodo dragon that has grey fur, and dark teal blue eyes. She usually sports a long sleeved, dark blue shirt with dark purple pants covered at the bottom by her long dark grey boots. Her muzzle is of a dark red color, similar to her brother's and she usually wears a dark teal shade of lipstick, matching her eyes. Just like her brother, she sports a long grey tail.

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