Nancy Cunning
Japanese Name: ナンシーの 狡猾
Romanized Name: Nanshii no Koukatsu
English Name: Nancy Cunning
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 50
Species: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Occuptation: Doctor
Affiliations: Bittersweat Sea Riders
Epithet: ???
Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: TouhouShake
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style
Nancy is the Doctor and eldest member of the BitterSweet Sea Riders, a crew of non-pirate females.


Nancy is an elven with blonde hair held semi up in two buns on each side of her head. She has Cyan eyes, pale skin, and long ears bearing black hoop earings. She has a long, gray scarf that nearly covers her mouth that ends up reaching down to her feet when wrapped around twice. She has a cyan, long sleeved shirt with a gray like belt around her stomach and wears a gray skirt. She also wear brown boots with black laces dangling down from the tip of the top of each boot.

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