Nancy has been a very shy woman from the start. Always staying behind on the boat, always there to keep it safe. Nancy can be cautious to extent that it's annoying, but she tries to solve the group's problems in the kindest way possible. She's also considered to be the most serious among the crew, almost to the point of being a mother to them.



Despite their personalities being completely different, the two seem seem to bond like a mother and daughter would. Though at most times, Kami tries her best to take action as the crew leader, making Nancy look like the weaker link in the BitterSweet Sea Riders crew.


Nancy gets easily cautious with Patchy, as she's someone who has a small attention span and normally gets herself in danger. Most of the time, Nancy gets the feeling that Patchy doesn't like her, although with the way Patchy acts, how can she tell?


The one character that Nancy has met who has had less controversy with her in a while, Glass Shard and Nancy seem to get along well without a doubt. Though there are times in which Nancy must take charge and make sure Glass doesn't get in deep trouble with the outside world and Kami as well.

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