Personality and Relationships

Neroe Yamanaka
Neroe's Picture
Japanese Name: Neroe S.山中
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Neroe S. Yamanaka
First Appearance: First Free Arc; Comic 2
Species: Falcon
Alignment: Pirate
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Occupation: Pirate; Captain; Ex Marine
Affiliations: Fritz's Punishment Branch; Somnus Pirates
Epithet: Unknown
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Creator: Bringer_Of_Light
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Devil's Fruit
Japanese Name: Fezā-Fezā Fruit
English Name: Feather Feather
Meaning: Feather
Type: Paramecia
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Neroe is very lazy person, always trying to avoid work at all costs. However, when he's not napping or hiding from responsibility, Neroe can be very determined, to the point where he even joined the marines just in order to bring Fritz back into the pirate world. 

Relationships and Affiliations


Neroe joined the marines in order to save Fritz, who Neroe assumed had only joined in order to save his own life. However, once he realised that this was Fritz' choice, he continued to work in the marines, just becuase he was too lazy to quit. He always hated working for the marines, due to them forcing him to so much work, and thus he left them and became a pirate.

Fritz E. Kriegs

Neroe used to be a part of Fritz' crew in the past, to which they were great friends. Neroe even cared enough about Fritz to join the marines in order to save him. However, once working under the reformed Fritz, Neroe began to realise that he gave him a lot more work than he wanted, and so he resigned from the marines. Neroe still cares for Fritz as a friend, just not as a captain.

Heart Ensoul

Heart became friends with Neroe when she found him alone on an island in the grand line, abandoned by Fritz' crew. Instantly liking him, she offered to return him to his crew, and so they sailed together for multiple weeks. 

Once Neroe found out that his former crew had all perished, Heart offered Neroe a position in her crew, to which he declined.

Heart recently offered Neroe a ship that she had stolen in the Grand Line, which Neroe happily accepted. 

Marshal "Marly" Rose

Neroe and Marly became friends while sailing together as part of Heart's Crew, the Soul Pirates .

Marly was tasked with delivering Neroe the ship that Heart had found in the Grand Line. One delivered, Marly asked to join Neroe's new crew, and he accepted.

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