Nisshoku Doseikage
Japanese Name: N/A
Romanized Name: N/A
English Name: Nisshoku Doseikage
First Appearance: First Free Arc; Comic 69
Species: Cat
Alignment: The Marines
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Occupation: Vice Admiral
Affiliations: The Marines
Epithet: "Reaper-Eye" Nisshoku
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Creator: EclipseTC
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Devil Fruit/Fighting Style

Nisshoku Doseikage (N/A N/A?) is a Marine Vice Admiral who had been introduced within Hedgehog Piece's First Free Arc on an yet to be named island. Not much is known of him and how he is and will remain a mystery until further development into the story.


He is an anthropomorphic cat that has dark grey fur, dark purple eyes and a white muzzle. His hair flows upwards and his bangs flow downward into three fringes. He has a long dark grey tail that matches his fur color with the tip to the middle of it being of the color black. He wears a black shirt that has a white colar that goes down to the bottom of the shirt and has two stripes across the horizontal side of the long sleeves. His pants match the color of his shirt and his shoes are a fading red color with white details on them and dark grey soles. He will, most of the time, be wearing red shades over hs eyes.

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