Patchella Degrass
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Patchella Degrass, prefers Patchy
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 51
Species: Human
Alignment: Neutral
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Occupation: Scout; First Mate
Affiliations: BitterSweat Sea Riders
Epithet: " Good Piratress " Patchy
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Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: TouhouShake
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Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Solaria-Solaria Fruit
English Name: Sol-Sol Fruit
Meaning: Light
Type: Paramecia
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Patchella Degrass (More commonly going by "Patchy") is the First Mate of the BitterSweet Sea Riders.


Patchy is a human who has short black hair with a red hairband to hold it back, big purple eyes, wears a red, long sleeved shirt with a turtle neck collar, and a short, black skirt with short, black stockings. She also has small red shoes with a purple jewel encrusted in the toes of both of the shoes.

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