Personality and Relationships

Patchella Degrass
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Patchella Degrass, prefers Patchy
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 51
Species: Human
Alignment: Neutral
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Occupation: Scout; First Mate
Affiliations: BitterSweat Sea Riders
Epithet: " Good Piratress " Patchy
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Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: TouhouShake
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Devil Fruit
Japanese Name: Solaria-Solaria Fruit
English Name: Sol-Sol Fruit
Meaning: Light
Type: Paramecia
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Very sociable and quite energetic, Patchy is a child at heart, naive as it is, she will not turn down to help anyone she sees as friend material. Meaning mostly everyone she meets She smiles all the time, whether insulted or in trouble. The only time you'll ever see her frown is when she is being serious or to help make amends in her group when a fight has happened. Making her seem like somewhat of a role model for others, older or not.



Presumably her childhood friend, Kami and Patchy have lots of history that binds them together. The only problem is, Kami despises pirates, whilest Patchy adores them. This causes fights on and off-screen, showing that their friendship is being threatened. Patchy and Kami are only held together due to Patchy's late father being an admiral, while Kami's late father was a marine in his branch, making Kami the one to watch over Patchy to continue this role.


Due to her wisdom in which binds the group together, Patchy sees Nancy as that nice aunt who'll help take care of many problems between the members. The only thing Patchy doesn't seem to like about her is that Nancy is the most cowardly of the members, normally being the only one left behind on the ship when everyone else leaves to explore. Putting pity on Nancy's head.


After first meeting Glass, Patchy as always was clueless and left Glass in the dust. Soon meeting her again after certain events, Glass went on to take Patchy to Hamaki, dead or alive. Ending up defeated, Glass was taken away with Patchy to get off of Raven's Point before it was destroyed by the marines. Patchy ended up telling the story to Kami, causing Glass to become an enemy to the crew.


Their first meeting was quite a silly feat, as Patchy took Sven down in seconds, making him plumet into the ocean blue. Their second meeting wasn't as bad, as the two became quick friends along with a swordsman named Drake. Together they fought sewer spiders and were split by Hamaki's followers into battle. Patchy hasn't seen Sven since.


A swordsman in which both Patchy and Sven had met with a nice lump on his head. The three of them fought sewer spiders, and exchanged names and small details. They became friends and were about to celebrate their win until Hamaki's followers split them up to battle. Patchy hasn't seen Drake since.

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