Raven's Point is an enormous island that lies within the East Blue and is home island to Frost Shinekuya of the Hyacintho Carpe pirates, Sol Shinekuya of the ??? pirates and Volt Shinekuya.


Much of Raven's Point is in ruin, as seeing in the Raven's Point Arc much of the place had brokedown buildings and debris scattered all throughout the island, except it's dock. It seemed to have a japanese-type theme before it became ruined as when entering Raven's Point, on the docks there were large wooden signs with japanese lettering on it and a huge dragon sign that wraps around a key to the left of them.

Historical Information

Sometime in Raven's Point's history there had been a mass murder known as the Raven's Point massacre that occurred, killing many. One of those victims had been the mother of Frost Shinekuya. The cause and reason behind the massacre is currently unknown but the result was the entire island turning into a complete ghost town and wasteland.

Sometime before the rookie pirate crews of the Hedgehog Piece story, Crime Boss Hamaki started to enslave and sell many civilians and citizen who had still stayed/lived in Raven's Point after it's massacre. For some odd reason, Hamaki has a hatred for the person who caused/massacred the people of Raven's Point.

During the Raven's Point Arc, after Crime Boss Hamaki had been defeated by Nitro V. Kaian, Raven's Point's dormant volcano erupted, killing many and destroying half of the island. The island has gotten larger thanks to its eruption but they people of Raven's Point need to rebuild.

Geographical Information

  • No woodland areas
  • Volcano (Unnamed)
  • Urban City; In ruin and takes up most of the island

People from Raven's Point

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