Red Bow Pirates
Japanese Name: 赤い弓パイレーツ
Romanized Name: Akai yumi pairētsu
English Name Red Bow Pirates
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles; Chapter One, Page 6
Captain: Két Ara
Main Ship: Don't have one. Currently traveling on a boat owned by Jasmine.
Total Bounty: Beli SmallN/A

The Red Bow Pirates are a Pirate Crew who come from the West Blue. They are the main focus of Red Bow Chronicles, and are led by the main protagonist, Két Ara. The Red Bow Pirates' crew name comes from the titular red bow that Két wears, though the crew has not been officially named yet. They also do not yet have an official ship, currently sailing on a small boat that belongs to Jasmine.

Jolly Roger

The Red Bow Pirates have yet to create a Jolly Roger. This is for two reasons - the first being that they do not have an official ship just yet, and the second being that Jasmine, who wants to become a Marine, is traveling with them.

Crew Members

At current, the Red Bow Pirates only have two members - the captain herself, and Damaru Nexuti. Két does not seem to have any particular theme in mind for recruitment, instead simply recruiting people she's taken a liking to. For this reason, the crew is rather varied in both fighting styles and appearances.

Crew Strength

One of the things Két looks for in potential crew mates is strength, however this is not really a majorly important factor. She does, however, like her crew to be able to fight, so she does not have to worry about their safety when they're involved in combat.

Professions and Capabilities

Name Profession Capabilities Epithet

Két Ara

  • "Red Bow" (赤の弓)

Damaru Nexuti

  • None Yet (N/A)


The Red Bow Pirates, being a rookie Pirate Crew, do not have any bounties just yet due to not having drawn the attention of the Marines. While Két's lack of a bounty is simply because her activities are not yet being monitored by the Marines, Damaru's lack of a bounty comes from the fact that he has no activities as a pirate.

Relationships Amongst Crew

Két's personality tends to make the crew rather friendly and trusting of one another, and they seem to see each other as friends. While initially they may not have been too keen on joining for their own reasons, Két's friendly personality and tendency to help people with their problems makes them feel welcome amongst the crew.


Each member of the crew has their own reason for joining the crew, and some of them have dreams that they wish to achieve in the process.

Members' Dreams

  • Két Ara dreams of becoming the Queen of the Pirates, for reasons she has yet to reveal.
  • Damaru Nexuti dreams of discovering what happened to his father, and may have another dream as well.

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