Actions and Locations Visited

Red Bow Pirates
Japanese Name: 赤い弓パイレーツ
Romanized Name: Akai yumi pairētsu
English Name Red Bow Pirates
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles; Chapter One, Page 6
Captain: Két Ara
Main Ship: Don't have one. Currently traveling on a boat owned by Jasmine.
Total Bounty: Beli SmallN/A

Locations Visited

So far, the Red Bow Pirates seem to be traveling rather linearly, simply progressing from island to island as they make their way to the Grand Line. Before they leave any island, however, Két makes anyone who she happens to be bringing along with her say goodbye to anyone important they have on the island. Upon being questioned about this by Jasmine, she simply explained that you should always say goodbye when you have the chance, and went no deeper than that.

Currently, the crew has visited four locations, however only three of them have been shown so far.

West Blue Saga

  1. Shinevare (Két's home island. It has not yet been shown.)
  2. Luistara
  3. Veil Island
  4. Silver Peaks
  5. Port Island (The Red Bows' destination after Silver Peaks, as stated by Két herself.)


On each island the Red Bow Pirates visit, they usually perform some activity there. Whether or not these are beneficial usually depends on the one being spoken to.

  • LuistaraDefeating Seraph and gaining a temporary ally in Jasmine.
  • Veil IslandDefeating Mez to free the island from his control, and gaining crewmember Damaru.
  • Silver Peaks: None yet, however the crew (plus Jasmine) have noticed something strange going on.

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