Red Bow Pirates
Japanese Name: 赤い弓パイレーツ
Romanized Name: Akai yumi pairētsu
English Name Red Bow Pirates
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles; Chapter One, Page 6
Captain: Két Ara
Main Ship: Don't have one. Currently traveling on a boat owned by Jasmine.
Total Bounty: Beli SmallN/A

Két has not made any decleration as to how many crew members she wants or intends to recruit. However, the Crew page on the Red Bow Chronicles' site seems to imply that she will recruit at least seven people, not including herself. Crew positions indicated on the cast page include Chef, Doctor and Shipwright, among others.


Since Két has only recruited one member so far, it is difficult to say how she ends up recruiting others. It seems like she'll simply ask them at first, and if there's some sort of problem they happen to be dealing with that prevents them from joining her, she'll opt to take care of that problem for them so they'll be more willing to join her crew. Két seems interested in filling necessary positions on her crew, however someone being proficient in a field does not appear to have any impact on whether or not she wants someone to join her crew, as indicated by the fact that she wanted Damaru to join her before she even found out he was a capable navigator and marksman. Rather, she seems to base her choices on personality and technique, since Damaru displayed both a kindhearted personality and skill in evasion during their first encounter.


Each member of the Red Bow Pirates has been recruited to the crew in a different way.

  • Damaru's first encounter with Két was when he stole some supplies from her and Jasmine, and she chased after him to get them back. However, upon seeing the reason why, she decided he needed to join her crew and continually pestered him about it. During a confrontation with Mez, he declared his intentions to join her crew and once Két had defeated Mez, it became official.

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