Saimin Saimin no Mi
Japanese Name: Saimin-Saimin Fruit
English Name: Hypno-Hypno Fruit
Meaning: Hypnosis; Hypnotize
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 56
Class Paramecia
User: Viu E. Blaze
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The Saimin-Saimin no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil's Fruit that gives its user the ability to take control, or hypnotize, another persons mind. It's current user would be Viu E. Blaze


How the Saimin-Saimin no Mi appears, in it's fruit form, has yet been revealed/shown in the series.

Strengths and Weaknessess


The Saimin-Saimin no Mi allows full control over the mind of anyone that is weak willed and/or are caught completely off guard. While using this Devil's Fruit, the user would be able to have the opponent do anything for them in a degree from getting them food to having them attack their own allies if the user's ability with the fruit is strong enough. There are several techniques that the user can do to give them an advantage over people, whether they are opponents in battle or just any random person. The fruit can be used for distractions and even fun if the user wishes to abuse it's ability.


The User of the Saimin-Saimin no Mi can have up to a small headache or severe Migraine if they over use the abilities of this Devil's Fruit. Some techniques and abilities can be shrugged off from those will strong will and ambition, even enough for them to have an advantage over the user of the Saimin-Saimin no Mi. If it's abilities happen to work on a strong-willed person, they can break out of it quickly unless the user takes advantage of the opportunity.


  • While the fruit is defined as Hypnosis, it is actually more mind-control related.

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