Shokku Shokku no Mi
Japanese Name: ザップザップフルーツ
English Name: Shokku-Shokku Fruit
Meaning: Zap
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 5
Class Paramecia
User: Nitro V. Kaian
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The Shokku-Shokku no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil's Fruit that enables the user of this fruit to generate and manipulate electricity at will. Shokku is a variant of the word " Shock " but the fruit's actual name means " Zap ". The current user of this Devil's Fruit is the ThunderScar Nitro V. Kaian.


The Shokku-Shokku no Mi has yet to make an appearance throughout Hedgehog Piece in it's fruit form.

Strengths and Weaknesses


This Devil's Fruit main strength is the ability to generate and manipulate nearly thousands of volts of electricity throughout the user's body at a nearly endless supply of it. Being electricity, it would mean that it fairly plays over some elemental attributes such as water, ice and earth itself. Having this Devil's Fruit would give them the advantage of shocking and zapping there opponent at any docile to fierce level of voltage they would want at very close ranges because of how fast the ability strikes. This has been shown with Nitro's Lightspeed Warp ability.


Just as many strengths there are for this Devil's Fruit, there's just as many weaknesses. The user's electricity could easily be overpowered with elemental abilities such as lightning, fire and wind. Since lightning has a higher voltage than electricity, this Devil's Fruit abilities can actually be used as an advantage to " recharge " the opponent that has a lightning-based Devil's Fruit. Not only that but this Devil's Fruit abilities are mostly close-range attacks and aren't as effective from a far distance. Nor does the abilities of this Devil's Fruit have a defensive mechanism as many other Devil's Fruit do.

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