Silver Peaks, as seen from a distance.

Silver Peaks is an island in West Blue. It is the third island that the Red Bow Pirates visited. Thanks to Silverado, the island is missing any adult citizens, and the streets are mostly populated by young children.


Years ago, a man named Silverado rose to power, gathering able-bodied people to help maintain the island and keep it safe from invaders. However, this turned out to be a ruse - as time went on, he forced people to stay under his command and held ones that refused to listen to him captive. Even visitors from other islands weren't safe, as Silverado would either capture them for his forces or kill them for resisting. It was at this time that the island formerly known as Sunrise Peaks was warped into Silver Peaks, likely named after Silverado himself. He seems to be using it as a foothold to gather his forces before going out to take over West Blue.

Known Areas

The entire island has been assimilated into one large city known as Shikoku City. Shikoku City is a large city whose buildings share a common theme with the rest of the ones in West Blue - oldern, Japanese style buildings that are relatively spread out with room to move around between houses freely. There is also a fortress at the island's highest peak, where Silverado and his forces reside.

Known Citizens


  • The island's only city, Shikoku City, was named after the backgrounds from Ganbare Goemon that it uses.

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