Japanese Name: シルバラード
English Name: Silverado
First Appearance: Red Bow Chronicles, Chapter Five, Page 15
Species: Phoenix
Alignment: None
Occupation: Leader of Silver Peaks
Affiliations: Himself
Ephiet: Unknown
Bounty: Beli Small20,000,000
Creator: Shard
Fighting Style
Name of Style: Unknown
Description: Unknown
 Silverado is an antagonistic character in Red Bow Chronicles who rules over Silver Peaks. He has not yet appeared outside of flashbacks.


Silverado is a silver phoenix with a black beak, a long black feather on his forehead, and black and white feathers on the ends of his wings, which double as his arms. He has black talons as legs and a long, silver tail with a curled black feather on the end of it. He has black eyes, and his only clothing is a brown scarf which he wears around his neck.


As Silverado has not yet been seen outside of a flashback, it is difficult to get a good gauge on his personality.


Coming soon

Abilities and Powers

Currently Unknown



Silverado was born on Silver Peaks. At some point in the past, he rose to power and took over the island.

Silver Peaks

Silverado has not yet appeared outside of flashbacks.

Major Battles

  • None Yet


  • None Yet

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