The Special Pursuit Squadron is a group of elite marines that specializes in tracking and capturing threats to the World Government. This squad is composed of special marines of lieutenant rank training or higher. It was established by the World Government to keep tabs on various dangerous marks. The founder of this elite squad is Captain Opdisk Serub. It's current leader is Captain Gerald Path.


It was established after the Great Pirate Era, with the World Government realizing that it should keep tabs on rookie pirates that may deem a threat to the World Government in the near future. The bigger threats are left to Cipher Pol Group 9. However, with the status of the squad being those of a semi-confidential nature, it was soon repurposed as a strike team of sorts by the World Government, whose purpose is to track down these potential threats and capture them, at any cost.


All members of the Special Pursuit Squad are required to possess the skills of someone of at least a lieutenant rank. All marines in the SPS have to go through regular intensive training. They are all capable of using atleast one technique of the Rokushiki, most commonly Tekkai or Soru. These marines also possess basic knowledge of Haki and are trained to develop their haki skills. These marines are well versed on tactics of tracking, searching and trapping.


The squad has a few ships at their disposal. Their fleet is composed of a frigate which houses most of their anti- ship weaponry and a corvette which they use for their missions. 

Notable Members

List of Commanding Officers

  • Captain Serub: Founder
  • Lieutenant Commander Party Poison: De facto leader
  • Captain Malik: Second Captain.
  • Vice Admiral Opteisen: Current Leader
    • Captain Party Poison: Acting leader whenever VA Opteisen is absent.

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