Sven R. Pocalyptic
Japanese Name: Unknown
Romanized Name: Unknown
English Name: Sven R. Pocalyptic
First Appearance: Introduction Arc; Comic 57
Species: Human
Alignment: Neutral, but leans towards Pirates
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Occupation: ???
Affiliations: ???
Epithet: " Project 777 " Sven
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Bounty: Beli Small11,000,000
Creator: Opdisk225
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Fighting Style
Name of Style: Sekushi Jutsu
Description: Fighting using moves that some would describe as "sexy."
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Sven's past has not yet been explored at this time. He was born in an island in the Calm Belt, and at some point in time, was abducted by the World Government, to be experimented upon in hopes of finding and weaponizing the worlds luckiest being.

Introduction Arc

Sven escaped from an undisclosed, high profile, Marine prison, where he fought the warden for his freedom. Shortly after he was shotdown by Patchy, after chasing after their ship.

Raven's Point

Sven floated aimlessly until he reached Raven's Point. There he met Taisen and was recruited into his crew in exchange for a unicorn's horn. Sven then met with his old mentor MasterSexy~, and relearned the old art of Sekushi-Jutsu. Then Sven teamed up with his mentor to take down local slave trader and warlord, Crime Boss Hamaki. Their attempt were thwarted by Hamaki's followers and Sven got separated from Scar. After a series of comical events, Sven found himself in the company of Patchy and Drake in the sewers on Raven's Point. After battling giant Sewer Spiders, Sven and his friends managed to find a way out of the sewers. Their triumph was short lived as Hamaki's followers ambushed them, and once again Sven got separated from his friends but was reunited with his mentor Scar. While fighting one of Hamaki's follower, Soul, Sven got separated with his mentor again. After defeating Soul, Sven returned to Taisen, and the duo was forced to flee from Raven's Point as its dormant volcano erupted.

Free Arc 1

Enroute to the Grand Line, Sven thrashes 3 other pirate crews just out of boredom. However Sven, is delighted when he and Taisen are forced to stop at Evalom Island after the wind and currents make it impossible to sail further. As the two seperate, Sven finds himself under fire by the Special Pursuit SquadronCaptain Rosa Malik, the former warden of the prison he was locked in and now the leader of the Special Pursuit Squardron, wasted no time in unloading everything he had on Sven, but Sven simply evades the onslaught. After dodging their bullets, Sven falls into a trap and is attacked head-on by Rosa. Rosa manages to tire him enough for the rest of the squadron to open fire on him. Before the bullets reach him, the land beneath Sven's feet give away due to the enormous strain it endured after Rosa and Sven's attack met. Sven falls into an underground river and is taken by the current to open seas where he is fished out by Taisen. Soon afterwards the duo leaves the island since the current and winds have died down.

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