Tao Nexuti
Tao infobox
English Name: Tao Nexuti
First Appearance: Free Arc 3; Page 7
Species: Dog
Alignment: Pirate
Occupation: Unknown
Affiliations: Meteor Luzi's crew
Ephiet: "Tarot Master"
Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: Shard
Devil's Fruit
Japanese Name: Taro-Taro No Mi
English Name: Tarot-Tarot Fruit
Meaning: Tarot
Type: Paramecia

Abilities and Powers

Physical Strength

Tao is strong enough that his kicks are capable of knocking people out. He doesn't like to use his hands to fight, which is likely due to the fact that he needs to use his hands to activate his Devil's Fruit. Tao has a tendency to fight with his kicks until he feels the need to use his Devil's Fruit, indicating that he sometimes honestly feels as if he doesn't need it.

Devil Fruit

Further Information: Taro Taro No Mi

Tao ate a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit called the Taro Taro No Mi at an unknown age. It allows him to do something involving Tarot Cards, which seems to be the source of his ephiat, though the exact specifics are currently unknown.

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