Tao Nexuti
Tao infobox
English Name: Tao Nexuti
First Appearance: Free Arc 3; Page 7
Species: Dog
Alignment: Pirate
Occupation: Unknown
Affiliations: Meteor Luzi's crew
Ephiet: "Tarot Master"
Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: Shard
Devil's Fruit
Japanese Name: Taro-Taro No Mi
English Name: Tarot-Tarot Fruit
Meaning: Tarot
Type: Paramecia


At current, Tao's past has not yet been explored, however there are a few notable events that occured in his past at some point in time.

  • At some point in the past, Tao located and consumed the Taro Taro No Mi.
  • Tao formed his own pirate crew, and recruited Meteor as his first crewmember and first mate.
  • Upon going to an island to meet up with his wife, Lilith, he was ambushed by Marines and captured, then transported to Impel Down, upon which he was placed in Level 6.

Free Arc 3

Meteor's crew arrived in Impel Down and headed to Level 6 to pick up the "Tarot Master", upon which he was introduced singing to himself in his cell. Meteor entered and offered him the opportunity to sail the open seas again, to which he happily accepted and left under Meteor's escort. However, the guards caught on to what was happening and attempted to stop the crew from leaving. Tao launched the first attack, knocking out one of the guards with a kick to the face, before an all-out brawl ensued. The crew managed to reach Level 3 before they became outnumbered and realized that the Warden would show up if they stayed for much longer, upon which Meteor told Tao to activate his Devil's Fruit to help them escape.

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