Personality and Relationships

Tao Nexuti
Tao infobox
English Name: Tao Nexuti
First Appearance: Free Arc 3; Page 7
Species: Dog
Alignment: Pirate
Occupation: Unknown
Affiliations: Meteor Luzi's crew
Ephiet: "Tarot Master"
Bounty: Beli Small???
Creator: Shard
Devil's Fruit
Japanese Name: Taro-Taro No Mi
English Name: Tarot-Tarot Fruit
Meaning: Tarot
Type: Paramecia


Tao is rather cheerful and carefree, though it is entirely possible that his time in Impel Down has left him less than sane. He is very friendly towards everyone, even politely smiling and cheerfully addressing his enemies as he kicks them in the face. Tao is prone to singing when he's bored, and this is a habit that tends to annoy the people around him.



Tao was Meteor's captain prior to his imprisonment in Impel Down, and Meteor was his first crew member and first mate. Therefore, the two have a rather close bond, with Tao affectionately calling Meteor "Redhead", and happily agreeing to join Meteor's crew when given the opportunity.


Lilith was Tao's wife, although the relationship between the two of them is largely unclear as they have not yet been seen interacting. They seem to have been close, as Lilith blames herself for Tao's imprisonment in Impel Down.


Damaru is Tao's son, however Tao was imprisoned in Impel Down before the boy was born, so whether or not Tao knows that Damaru exists is unknown.

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